There is no right and there is no wrong,
but right is right and wrong is wrong.
- Zen proverb

Don't tell others what to do,
unless asked.
Do let others tell you what to do,
​except for noble purpose.

Tie two birds together
and though they have four wings,
they cannot fly. 
​-Sufi proverb

The universe is created and destroyed thousands of times per second, but we are never born and will never die, because we are spirit, not matter.

I have no religion; I make character my religion.
I have no god; I let God have me.
It is a sign of an evil generation when women are given authority over men.
- Chinese proverb

When gazing into Emptiness,
one sees the True Home.
When listening to the Silence,
one hears the Internal OM.
Emptiness is not empty,
Silence is not silent.

The devil whispers,
You cannot withstand the storm.
The WARRIOR responds,
The more you sweat in peace,
the less you bleed in war.
- Written on Silent Thunder wall
It is better to speak the Truth
than to tell a lie;
but it is better to remain Silent
than to speak the Truth.
-Zen proverb
It is better to light a candle
than curse the darkness.
-Russian proverb
Success is measured
not by the quality of the things we have,
but by the quality of the things
we let go of.
- Chinese proverb
If you don't control your own mind,
someone else already is.
- Silent Thunder wisdom
Those that know, don't speak.
Those that speak, don't know.
On a bright sunlit morning, spring changes into summer.
Sitting quietly in the garden, I grow dumb then dumber.
Allowing the cherry blossoms
to become my voice, my thought;
forgetting what 'should be', or 'ought.'
"Cherry blossoms in June?" you say
I respond -"Where there's a mind, there's a way".
- Mokurai
Instead of struggling up the hill,
STOMP up the hill!
Instead of plodding toward your goal,
PLUNGE into your task!
Instead of achieving your dream,
ACCELERATE past your fear!
Instead of being perfectly willing,
BURST THROUGH the chains that bind you!
Instead of becoming accomplished,
-Silent Thunder wisdom
Don't be like the proverbial donkey
who starved to death because was unable
to choose between two equally inviting
stacks of hay.
If my opponent does not move, then I don't move.
If my opponent moves, then I move first.
- Zen proverb
The land that is nowhere, that is the True Home.
-The Secret of the Golden Flower
The God that can be spoken of
is not the true God.
The true God lies beyond the power
of words to describe.
God is forever hidden from
minds clouded by desire.
Great minds discuss ideas,
Average minds discuss events,
Small minds discuss people.
- John Milton
Discipline creates its own momentum.
Every good book says "Put me down, and start
practicing what I'm talking about!"
Every great story has a death in it.
First evil is tolerated, then embraced,
then hailed as being good,
then it becomes unlawful
to do what is actually good.
When things go right - Praise God!
When things go wrong - Praise God!
When things go in circles - Praise God!
Then be Quiet, and hear God.
- Mokurai
Belief in God is a distraction!
Direct perception of,
and union with God,
is our destiny.
The pineal gland is the key.
Good karma still produces suffering.
Only when conceptual thought
completely ceases will there be the
flash of Enlightenment.
There is only one Being.
The question is -
who is it?
Vedic definition of a man of God -
"Softer than a flower, where kindness is concerned,
stronger than the thunder, where principles are at stake."
From science, then if it must be so, let man learn the
philosophical truth that there is no material universe;
its warp and woof is maya, illusion.
I walked across mountain after mountain
ducking under fallen logs
drinking from natural fountain.
Mile after wearying mile
yet I could only smile.
But when the boulders, grave and kind,
became many a floating white cloud,
I was at first troubled, afraid for my mind -
then comforted, this great wonder allowed.
Laughing at loneliness! Instead
grab hold of a star, and wed
your mind with its light, and maim
and destroy all that will come, or came.
Those who argue for the sensual
are but life's losers, eventual.
Fecundity and death go hand in hand-
we sigh and die to make the world more manned.
From the womb to the grave and then reborn
because the karmic bind has not been torn.
Break the spell, tend to well, the gland pineal;
and with the body make a brand new deal.
For with Divine Light as the Master,
negotiations will go much faster.
Do not speak the Truth unless
you have conquered loneliness.
- Mokurai
Fear is simply gazing in a direction
you didn't want to go anyway.
-Brian Germain
One ounce of effort
is worth more than
a ton of excuses.
- Zen proverb
Whatever the Master hits,
that's what he was aiming for.
- Zen proverb
Trust in God;
but tie up your camel!
- Sufi adage.
The Master does not gamble;
yet he still throws the dice.
There is no contradiction,
there is no dissolute vice.
Spirit remains innocent,
not tempting the Lord his God;
blithe to embrace paradox --
his action pure, unflawed.
For the stillness of his heart
whispers that all will end well;
Mind firmly rooted in Being,
a priori seeing the dice fell.
Aye, who among us can traverse the dusty, or wooded trail,
and encountering a cluster of carnations, leave unplucked?
Or reverently entering a grove of scintillating sandalwood,
breathe softly and leave the beguiling fragrance unsucked?
Discover a hidden vein, and then linger on the luster of gold,
finally and silently departing, to leave the fortune unmined? 
Have the long-awaited compensatory moment for revenge
sweetly arrive, and leave without uttering one word unkind?
Witnessing the wonder, leave a double rainbow unpoetryed?
But instead, for to restrain oneself and spiritually sow a seed? 
Aye, only those with one foot and two eyes in Heaven
can master the art of Letting Things Be
and withstand the temptation from Pleasure's Leaven,
forever departing for the Land of the Free.
 I have three treasures;
they are wisdoms.
The first is the knowledge
that there is nothing outside --
no, not one thing.
The second is the knowledge
that there is no resurrection
without a significant death.
The third is the knowledge
that there is nothing inside --
no, not one thing.
This is Noah's dove
that did not return to the Ark.


The world is won by those
who let it go.
​-Lao Tzu