Master Mokurai has trained thousands of students in a career spanning over 30 years. Hundreds have progressed to the black belt expertise level. Many who were trained in their youth went on to become doctors, lawyers, rocket scientists, martial art school owners, university professors. One old black belt student even became an Albuquerque county commissioner! Another, an Army Rangers colonel! This is because of the high standard of excellence that students are taught to embrace. Master Mokurai's special teaching methods are not for everyone, but certainly for those who want to make a meaningful contribution to their community. 



Army Rangers Colonel Stephen Tannen
5 stars!
★★★★★ Master Mokurai is the most talented and knowledgeable H2H instructor I’ve ever trained with. He is unequivocally the toughest man I’ve ever sparred. In the 1980s he shaped me from a scrawny paste eating greasy haired pimple faced wimp into a someone capable and willing to lead men into battle. As a Combat Veteran (AFG) and former special operations officer; I frequently drew on the many lessons from the dojang. How can one apply non-violence for conflict resolution? Will a cup of tea provide a more robust solution than an open hand? Will good humor and a hearty laugh dispell mounting anger? In the rare instances that I had to use my skills; it was done judiciously and surgically so as to inflict minimal harm on my opponent while neutralizing the threat. During those moments TKD-Hapkido saved my life and the the lives of others. For those willing to submit to the path of foot and hand fighting you will find no more authentic place. For those insincere folks seeking pretty belts and unicorn horns: train elsewhere. RLTW

Karl Marion reviewed Silent Thunder Martial Arts and Meditation Center— 5 star ✭✭✭✭✭

It is becoming more and more difficult to find true masters in the world today, and it is even more rare to find one willing to even consider taking on students. Martial art schools are a dime a dozen and can be found all over the world in the same shape and form, but Silent Thunder is a sacred monastery and comprehensive martial arts center which does well to distinguish itself from all others in the areas of skills, theories, and applications. Even the name, Silent Thunder,
instills a sense of undiscovered power and uneasiness in the common man and the philosophies taught here are arguably more powerful than the martial arts. Silent Thunder is a space of divinity devoted to developing one's mind and body into a citadel of cosmic cognizance. Offering an unparalleled potential for the opportunity of a rewarding life, Silent Thunder incorporates the teachings of many religions and cultures to help one move beyond the physical limits of their reality and integrate true spiritual power into all of their daily practices. While without a doubt not for those who choose to actively continue to squander their talents and time in unwholesome activities, the one searching for enlightenment who is ready to return to God will find that upon entering these doors, it is like finally coming home.

Jordan Landes reviewed Silent Thunder Martial Arts and Meditation Center — 5 star ✭✭✭✭✭
Jordan L
 I remember walking down Jackson street on my way to the bank, and finding a sign that read "FREE KARATE" with a phone number printed right under a white silhouette of a man performing a flying sidekick. This peaked my interest initially, seeing as I was looking to attempt training in martial arts. After some hesitation due to work complications and some discussions with a family member, I gave the class a try. On a warm, sunny afternoon, I entered the building, greeted by a man
 in a Taekwondo uniform. I followed along with the rest of the class for the warm up; and trained in other various exercises until I had to leave for work. On one occasion, I was able to train for the entire class; and upon finishing, was also offered a chance to meditate. It was the decision that changed my life forever. After meditating, I had a discussion with the man in the uniform, Master Mokurai. I had never met a man of power and wisdom on his level. The experience kindled within me a spark that has ignited into a raging fire, fueling my choice for every thought, word, and action I have taken ever since to this day.
Silent Thunder Martial Arts and Meditation Center is a school dedicated to changing lives for the better. Every class is tailor made to accommodate and encourage students to reach their full potential. Whether you come to throw a kick, chant a song, or sit still and listen to your breath, You will steadily build within yourself a ladder reaching up towards unimaginable heights of peace, power, and bliss. On the surface, it is a school with classes to take as a hobby. When observed more closely, it is a potential portal leading to provincial paradise within the mind. You will learn to fight. You will learn to concentrate. You will learn to have fun while doing it; and most importantly, you will be training to radiate righteousness for the benefit of God and Mankind. Praise be to God for Silent Thunder Martial Arts and Meditation Center!

Brandon Hite reviewed Silent Thunder Martial Arts and Meditation Center — 5 star ✭✭✭✭✭

Silent Thunder and the instructor Master Mokurai are to be treasured in today's society. Honesty and integrity are foremost and the training is awesome! Be prepared to challenge yourself mentally and physically but you will see results almost immediately!

Ralph Trujillo
9 reviews
This guys skills are beast mode, I like how he spends individual time with each child.

Cinthia Martinez
1 review
My 3 boys have attended here more than a year. I honestly can say Master Mokurai has shaped my sons into strong minded little individuals in this short amount of time also they're not getting picked on anymore and behavior has improved 100%.  This place is awesome; my kids are doing incredible here.

Felicia Padilla
10 reviews・2 photos
★★★★★ a day ago
My son is very happy to go to his class , he teaches Self respect, Self confidence, Self Improvement and above all that - be kind to others. He dedicates time and knowledge to each of his students . My son will continue to go , and I will fully support him and his teachings. He is a great Master !

Ron J
4 reviews
★★★★★ a month ago
Silent Thunder is the place to go for the ones who truly wish to redefine themselves and begin their path to happiness and enlightenment . I began my studies with Master Mokurai 34 years ago when I was 6. I can honestly tell you that confidence is a byproduct of the hard work, perseverance and discipline. I have an outlook and appreciation for life that few have. Changes of daily habits and thinking will occur and are necessary for your journey. Thank you Master Mokurai!

Colin Daly
1 review
I have studied internal martial arts with a couple of different teachers, outside of Silent Thunder, over the past 5 years. I can say that Master Mokurai is a good teacher, who puts a strong emphasis on self discipline and focus (two keys to a good quality of life that go largely underappreciated today). I am grateful for the pieces that I have picked up from learning at this school.

Francis Olsen
5star ✭✭✭✭✭
"Great foundation, with a mirthful Adept. My focus was cultivation of chi through movement, integration of mind and body motions with breath. Heartfelt and genuine was my harvest; the dojo is superb and the instruction clear and illuminating. A rare opportunity to study the Ancient Way in the company of others with respect and support from an experienced teaching Monk. You will get what you need."
August 2, 2015

Steve Tannen --
5star ✭✭✭✭✭
"The most authentic martial art I've ever studied. This dojang is not for the meek or faint of heart. Master Mokurai's Buddhist centered philosophy has helped me endure the rigors of combat, overseas deployments, U.S. Army Ranger School, and patience with my 3 kinetic & curious daughters. Namaste, sir! very respectfully, Steve"
June 17, 2015 ·

​Brad Stevenson
"One of the best organizations that I have come across in about 15 years! I have been involved in martial arts for over 25 years ...The classes are structured in a way where the majority of the students don't even know that they're getting one heck of a workout! The instructors are truly incredible and have definitely earned their belts. The Master is quite a character! Hard, but extremely caring and his goal has no ego attached! It is truly all about the students. It is well worth at least taking advantage of the free month! If you have any questions and want to hear from someone that has actually been involved, (my son) don't hesitate to message me and I will tell you what I'm telling you here."
Like · Reply · 1 · February 29 at 7:40pm

​Alex Little
"Well put, Brad! Master is truly one of a kind, as are the other instructors. Just the warm up at Silent Thunder Martial Arts is better than the entire class at other dojangs!"
Like · Reply · March 1 at 12:39pm

Vincent Laroza reviewed Silent Thunder Martial Arts and Meditation Center
April 16 at 12:16pm · 
Master Mokurai--the instructor of this Center--is a master of the philosophy, techniques, art, and vision which he teaches.
His students learn discipline through regular training in martial arts, which include stretching (to prepare the body), repetition of fighting techniques and forms (to train to body), sparring (to defend it), and an all-encompassing workout that provides sufficient muscle and cardio training. Physically, the arts practiced here are awesome and will whip you into shape quickly.
A warning: the whirlwind of movement and new, unfamiliar arts may be unpleasant the first couple of classes for the beginner but you will get used to it as I currently am. Then, you will relish it as you see yourself transform.
As you can see from reading Master Mokurai's page and website, this center reaches far deeper than physical training and herein rests the gem of this system: inner alchemy through QiGong, meditation, and wholesome living. I would call Silent Thunder a very, very well-kept secret. No exaggeration, just my honest observation: this dojang (training center) emanates a sacred vibration that can come from nowhere else but the prayers and practice of its master.
Personally, I have grown physically stronger and now emerge from each class with a beautiful vibration which desires healthier habits. I earnestly look forward to each class as a chance to face myself and change what I wish to change. I am becoming healthier and happier as a result. I am more honest in my life and more willing to put effort into the habits that grant longterm contentment.

M'Lis Scott reviewed Silent Thunder Martial Arts and Meditation Center— 5 star
April 28 at 11:13am · 
This is truly a martial arts facility with integrity and excellent training by Master Mokorai. My son has gone there for years. It really helped him in so many ways. Especially during a particularly rough patch for our family.

​Don Devito reviews SILENT THUNDER 5 stars! ★★★★★
"Master Mokurai embodies true balance. He will plant seeds in you that you will pass to your children and grandchildren. To study with him means your life will change. Be brave and trust him and yourself!"