Silent Thunder is a martial art school which emphasizes the cultivation of spiritual power, and teaches that a greater understanding of God, attainment of the TAO, and enlightenment can be achieved through dedicated practice of both martial arts  and meditation.  The underlying theme is that whether it is the explosiveness of TAEKWONDO, the uncanny grace of TAI CHI, the disciplined cultivation of spiritual energy from QI GONG, or the internal drama of MEDITATION, the key to success in these arts and life in general lies in each person taking full responsibility for themselves. Step by step, lesson by lesson, we foster the spirit of effort and perseverance, and our consciousness is transmogrified, transformed from patterns of perennial victimhood into a powerhouse of personal victories.
Bodhidharma is the head monk and founder of Silent Thunder Temple. He is the administrator and in charge of the discipline for all the monks. Generally speaking, he is not available to the public. Mokurai is in charge of instructing the laity.
Martial Arts master Mokurai has taught fighting arts and meditation daily since 1979. He holds a 7th degree black belt in Taekwondo, and 4th degree in Hapkido. He is  Buddhist monastery-trained and, as an ordained monk, teaches a comprehensive perspective on the various mystical traditions. He has been training for over 40 years. Silent Thunder provides a rare opportunity to practice martial arts as well as meditation in a Buddhist monastery.
Ten vows to become a Silent Thunder monk or nun
1. Instead of killing by the sword, murdering by disrespect, destroying by defining, shall you be a champion for what is alive? 
2. Instead of taking what is not offered, demanding what is not earned, conniving for egotistical gain, shall you be a champion of restraint from theft?
3. Instead of choosing pleasure over Spirit, condoning or participating in what is perverse, submitting to life-force draining urges, shall you be a champion for celibacy?
4. Instead of enabling the indulgent, neglecting to acknowledge what is real, pretending to be something you are not, shall you be a champion for truth?
5. Instead of seeking comfort in intoxicants, relying on mind-altering substances to do your work for you, shall you be a champion for natural exuberance?
6. Instead of wasting your human opportunity, settling for mediocrity, defacing your bodily temple, shall you be a champion of CHI cultivation?
7. Instead of eating for entertainment, habit, consolation, or consuming what is convenient, shall you be a champion for the nutritious diet?
8. Instead of playing the victim, shall you take full responsibility for your life?
9.Shall you follow Buddha's Eightfold Path, in preparation for enlightenment, even though enlightenment might seem impossible?
10. Do you consider all creation to emanate from God, and shall you spend your days in seeking a more profound understanding of Him?
Commitment options:     3 months, 1 year, or life time